Apple LISA, parts references

, by Patrice Freney

Having completely dismantled the LISA 2, I referenced the parts, as some of them might need to be replaced if I could not recover them from corrosion.
If I had to do so, I might as well let someone else go through this site.

Originally, these pictures were only taken for information and referencing, not to be distributed as "artistic" pictures. For this reason, the pieces were simply placed on a table, without any specific alignment. The flash of the camera was used, the goal being to record the references of the parts, nothing else.

The parts are in their juice. Except for the bottom case for which I started to stop the corrosion and the motherboard, the other parts have not been cleaned or restored.

Only the screws and some small parts have not been photographed.

Strangely, some plastic parts not marked with a reference, which is a bit strange from Apple, are coming out the big parts. Having completely disassembled a few hundred objects of the brand, generally speaking, they are all identified, including at the suppliers.
Is this only the case for this machine?

Another oddity, I found the trace "Prototype" on the plastic of the front panel. As it is easy to remove, I will look at the other machines I own.

All the parts are put together in the following four photographs. I had a little fun on this one, the challenge being to gather everything in a minimum of pictures.

For details, it’s just below:

Electronic cards:

  • System I/O

    Part number 1: 620-0117-K
    Part number 2: 820-4006-A
    Date: 1982

  • CPU board

    Reference 1: 620-0119-N
    Reference 2: 820-4009-B
    Date: 1982

  • Memory board 1 - Made in Singapore - 1982

    Reference 1: 620-0112-C
    Reference 2: 820-4010-A
    Date: S8335

  • Memory board 2 - Made in Singapore - 1982

    Reference 1: 620-0112-C
    Reference 2: 820-4010-A
    Date: B8334

  • Motherboard

    Reference 1: 620-141
    Reference 2: 820-4032-B
    Date: 1983

  • Power supply ASSY

    Model: 15A0202-000,001
    Order No. 1: 99P0073-000 Rev G (component side)
    Part Number 2: D99P0073-000 Rev J (track side)
    Date: March 30, 1984

  • Vidéo board

    Reference 1: 620-0121-E
    Part number 2: 820-4012-A
    Date: 1982

  • Push button and keypad connection plug

    Reference : 820-4020-B
    Date: 1982

  • Lite adapter

    Part Number: 820-4043-A
    Date: 1983

Various Parts:

  • Speaker GPE

    Features: 1 W - 8 Ω

  • Connector pad + cable assembly + front panel microswitch
    • connectors 2 x 15 pins - 591-0003-D RT - Date: 8318
    • connectors 2 x 15 pins - AMP 583680-1 - Date: 8314
    • connectors 2 x 22 pins - 591-0003-D RT - Date: 8313
  • Ribbon to connect floppy disk drive and hard disk to the motherboard
    • connector 2 x 30: 591-0002 B CCI - Date: 5683
  • High voltage transformer - Flyback

    Reference 1: MSH1AAS08B
    Reference 2: 157-0002-C
    Reference 3: BE010
    Date: 8319

  • Cathode-ray tube - CRT - Clinton Electronics Corp.

    Reference 1: CE727M12C104GR
    Reference 2: CEULC99F1ATE
    Date: 3883J

  • 3"1/2 Sony floppy disk drive

    Reference : O1-D34V
    Date: December 1983

  • Painted plastic basket stop

    Reference: none

  • The batteries (faulty)

    Reference 1: 742-0002
    Reference 2: 20AE02301

Metallic parts:

  • Mainframe housing

    Reference 1: 620 5112 B RMK
    Reference 2: 805-4023 F RMK

  • Backplane housing

    Reference : 805-4022 B RMK

  • Bottom power supply housing

    Reference: 805-4006 Rev B NJB SG

  • Cathode ray tube bottom

    Reference: 805-4008-E-ACT

  • Right CRT support housing

    Reference: 620-5122-A NJB SG

  • Fixing plate on right housing bracket

    Part number: 805-4020 D

  • Vertical rear CRT housing

    Reference: 805-4034-A ACT

  • Top Plate 1

    Reference: 805-4003-C NJB SG

  • Top Plate 2

    Order No.: 805-4004 A RMK

  • Left side chassis housing

    Reference: 620-5121-A NJB SG

  • Right side frame housing

    Reference : 805-4035 Rev.B

  • Disk and floppy drive support

    Reference: none

  • Hide extension cards

    Reference: 805-4009-D ACT

  • power supply cover
    • Lower housing:
      Reference 1: 14N0195-000 E
      Part number 2: 26N-0058-000-0
    • Upper housing:
      Part number: 17N0124-000 E SRD
      Date: 1/84

Plastic Parts:

  • Face front

    Reference: 815 4116 A
    Comment: "PTA Prototype" - Is it one?

  • Lower front panel (with feet)

    Reference : 815-4077-C

  • Under

    Part Number: 815-4090-A

  • Rear side

    Reference: none (metal assembled with plastic, not visible)

  • Right side

    Reference: none

  • Left side

    Reference: none

  • Over

    Reference: none

  • The basket (disassembled) holding the cards

    Reference: none

There, almost all the parts are present on this page. It’s a long work of photography and referencing, but as I did it for me, I wanted to share it too.

Restoration will continue in the next episode.

Sorry for my poor english ! ;-)

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